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At La Roca Golf we are committed to the transformation of golf and we want to make it easy for any player to focus on what really matters: enjoying golf.

That is why a couple of years ago we remodeled the driving range to incorporate and deploy Toptracer Range technology.

If you play golf frequently, you’ve probably heard of Toptracer. Perhaps you have even dared to try it out to play with friends on golf courses around the world. But you are probably not up to date on the various new features offered by this technology.

If the word Toptracer sounds like Chinese to you, then this article is definitely for you.

This technology allows you to practice like a pro and enjoy the maximum with your friends. Do you know what the technology is about? How can you enjoy this service at La Roca Golf training center?

Today we are going to focus on explaining what Toptracer Range is, how it works at La Roca Golf, what benefits it has, as well as curiosities that you may not have heard before.

What is Toptracer Range?

Toptracer Range is a technology developed by Topgolf Entertainment Group to track the trajectory and speed of each golf ball from stroke to drop.

This is made possible thanks to the use of high-speed cameras and the latest generation of analysis software that allows for a much more interactive experience on any driving range.

Since it was launched in 2012, this technology has been widely adopted by the golf industry to become a popular and, on many occasions, even indispensable tool.

Despite its fast expansion in the United States, in Catalonia La Roca Golf was one of the pioneer clubs in adopting this technology and the only club in Catalonia where you can enjoy it openly without being a member. In the rest of Spain, there are currently only about 20 clubs that offer Toptracer Range to their members or visiting players.

What kind of data does Toptracer provide you with?

Beyond showing you the trajectory of the ball, the Toptracer Range technology is designed to provide you with additional useful data. For example:

  • Ball speed
  • Maximum height reached
  • Total distance covered
  • Launch and descent angle

Measuring this data can be very beneficial for both amateur and professional golfers. It can help you adjust your strokes, calculate the strength of each shot and track your progress.

Origins of Toptracer

You are probably thinking that this kind of technology will make you feel like a professional playing live and broadcasting it on TV. And the best part is that you’re right!

Toptracer Range tracking technology was initially developed to provide visual effects for television broadcasts of golf tournaments.

This is how the trajectory of the ball was shown in real time to the spectators who followed the tournaments live from their homes. It took very few years to discover the multiple uses and benefits it could have in practical fields, so its adoption and success were almost instantaneous.

Toptracer offers a much more educational experience to any golfer who wants to improve in a practice area and allows to practice in a more engaging and interactive way.

Playful uses of Toptracer Range

The best thing about Toptracer is that it is a very versatile technology.

It allows you to train in a very professional way, obtaining numerical data to analyze your strokes in detail, but it also allows you to forget about everything and focus only on having fun.

There are many ways golfers can use this technology to have fun, either alone or with friends. For example:

  • Precision games – improve your accuracy by aiming at specific targets and targets on the screen and earn points based on your results.
  • Distance challenges – challenge your friends and compete with them to see who can hit the ball the farthest or who can reach certain targets first.
  • Golf course simulation – at La Roca Golf driving range you can play virtually on famous golf courses from around the world. Take on the most iconic holes and compare yourself with the number 1 players on the international golf scene.
  • Battle of friends – in the friends competition mode you can organize friendly competitions to see who can get the best score.

As you can see, Toptracer Range is much more than a technology to improve your golf game. It is perfect for enjoying new challenges with friends and sharing fun and unique experiences.

How to enjoy Toptracer at La Roca Golf

To enjoy the multiple benefits that Topgolf technology brings you, at La Roca Golf we put it at your disposal. Toptracer Range is part of our golf training center, a unique space with up to 6 distinct areas to train, practice and become your best version!

Access with total freedom to our training center with your annual or monthly green fee. If you prefer, there is also a daily practice green fee, which also includes free use of the Toptracer Range on weekdays and holidays.

For more information and reservations, access the mobile app or inquire at the club’s reception.