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At La Roca Golf, every corner of our golf course has been meticulously laid out with one purpose in mind: your enjoyment. Every hole, every detail, has been carefully designed to offer you a playing experience that transcends the ordinary.

We make it very easy for you

A golf course to connect with

Situated on a flat and versatile property, our 18 holes are suitable for all levels.

And the panoramic views merge with the privileged natural environment that surrounds the course, enhancing the connection with nature while you play.

At La Roca Golf, every swing is an opportunity to live golf in a whole new way.

A course for any golf player

Suitable for all skill levels

At La Roca Golf, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner excited to take your first steps in golf or an experienced player looking for new challenges.

Our course has been carefully designed to accommodate players of all levels. It is neither too long nor too short.

The well-defined fairways and strategically placed obstacles offer you alternative and exciting options on every hole, ensuring that every round is an opportunity to enjoy golf.

With an outstanding versatility

Wide range of options to enjoy

At La Roca Golf, we are passionate about providing you with a diversified and exciting playing experience. That is why our course has been designed with versatility in mind.

You can discover a new challenge in every game, thanks to our five tees that offer a unique and differential perspective, challenging your skills and strategies in every shot.

Excitement and variety are always at your hand as each game is an opportunity to rediscover the course in a completely new way.

A comfortable course

Without added complications

Your comfort is our highest priority. The land is flat and accessible. And you won’t need to walk hundreds of meters to go from one green to the next tee!

In addition, it is difficult to lose the ball here. Always enjoy a clear view from tee to green! No unnecessary stress when striking. Even if a shot doesn’t go as expected, there is usually always an option to recover.

Concentration flows naturally, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your game and the magnificent natural beauty that surrounds you.

Holistic wellness

Our golf course is health

At La Roca Golf, our passion for your well-being goes beyond the game. The course becomes your haven of health, where the sun embraces practically every tee and green.

The experience of playing on flat land, perfectly integrated with the environment, gives you the opportunity to connect with nature.

Every swing is a step towards vitality, fusing sport with the serenity of a sun-drenched environment.

Every hole is a challenge

1. El Montseny

A good beginning

2. The Tunnel

The flagship hole

3. The Dismissal

Don’t get wet

4. The Crossing

Pair 5 achievable

5. The Camouflaged

Take the driver for a walk

6. The Surgeon

Surgical precision

7. The Curve

Birdie opportunity

8. The Olives

Mediterranean flavor

9. The Reward

Narrow window

10. The Temptation

Forbidden to look left

11. The Masia

A pair is always good

12. The Short

A mirage

13. The Ducks

It’s a paradise

14. The Strait

The most difficult one

15. The City

Be direct

16. Blindly

How good it is to be at the top!

17. The Largo

Last chance?

18. The Colisseum

An “easy” ending

Playing at La Roca Golf

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You don’t have to believe us. Come play at La Roca Golf and see for yourself how easy it is to enjoy golf at our course.

You will not be disappointed!