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La Roca Golf is a golf course located very close to Barcelona. It is perfect for all types of players thanks to its multiple challenges on various courses. Tournaments are organized here every week, reaching more than 100 golf competitions per year.

While there is always space for innovation, there are various tournaments held on a regular basis at La Roca. One of them, and probably the best recognized, is the Barbecue Tournament.


The Barbecue Tournament is a relaxed and fun golf competition. It has been held every Monday at La Roca Golf since 2012 and, despite this, it continues to surprise.

This is an 18-hole tournament that is especially fun because you can choose who you go out and play with. Halfway through the course, between holes 9 and 10, is where the barbecue is set up and the lunch stop is made.

By starting the course with the barbecue, the tournament, which is already very versatile, is enlivened. Can you think of a better way to regain strength than with a feast of sausages, fruit, drinks and coffees?


The winner of the tournament gets a free registration for the next Barbecue Tournament (or another future edition). In all recent editions of the Barbecue Tournament, the prize has been the same.


The Barbecue Tournament was created here, at La Roca Golf, for more than 10 years. It was exactly in 2012 when we celebrated the first edition.

The Barbecue record is 120 players registered until now. And although it is a tournament that has been organized in other clubs as well, we are excited to see that it has already been held here.


Our Barbecue Tournament brings together players of various levels. It is a tournament with a fairly flexible schedule that starts early in the day with personalized outings in which each player can compete with his friends in the same game.